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Our assignment

The Biggest Railway clock in Israel - 3 Meters

Project time

1997 - Now

Israel Railway

Nationwide project +80 train station stations over 1,000 clocks

Israel Railways project – a national synchronized time system (the largest in Israel)

A project carried out by TRAKLIN Systems under the guidance and engineering support of the Westerstrand – Sweden. a company  that was chosen for the project due to its experience and international reputation as a leading company in the world

TRAKLIN Systems supplied the CCS – Central Clock System made by Westerstrand – Sweden which synchronizes all railway stations and offices nationwide project,

GNSS Guard – Protection against Anti Spoofing And Jemming was added to the system, a joint development of TRAKLIN Systems and the engineers of the Swedish company

With the approval of the Israel National Cyber  – Cyber Israel

Synchronization and time distribution in the NTP & PTP protocol