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Your Partner for Time Cyber and Display Products

TRAKLIN Systems Ltd. is the exclusive supplier of WESTERSTRAND – Sweden are one of top three world leaders of Time System and Public Display products worldwide: Sweden, Israel, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, India, Turkey and many more. Our customer base is in public transportation (Time Systems for Railways, Metro and Airports), Banks, Stock Exchange, Industry (Information Boards for material handling and productivity measurement), Trade (Price Signs and Product Displays) and Sport (Scoreboards). Other typical products and installations include Master Clocks, Slave Clocks, Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks, Tower Clocks, Façade Clocks and Indoor Clocks for schools, public and commercial buildings.

We import, market, install, service and manufacture modern timekeeping, scoreboard and display products for public environments such as hospitals, schools, industries, railroads and sports arenas. We import our products from all over the world and we are well renowned not just here in Israel.

We have 4 different product groups:

 Time Things most people associate us with: typical products are clocks, time centers and facade clocks.

 Cyber: GNSS Guard protects connected systems against time jumps and reduced time accuracy caused by intentional, unintentional, Spoofing And/Or Jamming.

Sport: Scoreboards for various sports. We supply game boards and scoreboards for all types of sports

Displays Information boards of various kinds such as approach signs for cities, production displays, gasoline signs, queue management displays and Time/Temp displays.

Queue management systems QUEUE MANAGEMENT – Wide range of electronic and digital systems for user flow management. DIGITAL SIGNAGE – Variable message multimedia devices and advanced digital signage systems.

Our head office and service are located in Nesher, Israel, where we employ Eng. Technician, Marketing & Cyber consultant experts. We also have offices in Haifa.

All Westerstrand production takes place in Töreboda SWEDEN factory.

Around +60% of Westerstrand products are exported.

TRAKLIN Systems Ltd.
Company Number: 51-3436071
Mailing address: Box 2017, 3660801 Nesher, ISRAEL
Tel: +972-4-8627762

Email: [email protected]
Website: – Hebrew – English