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GNSS - ProLine GNSS GUARD - Recognized by Cyber Israel

Recognized by The Israel National Cyber Directorate – Cyber Israel

General Westerstrand GNSS Guard for Proline Time Centrals consist of four parts. 1) Combined GNSS antenna/receiver 2) GNSS shutdown relay module 3) Time accuracy and precision firmware algorithm 4) Ultra-Stable holdover Oscillator (Rubidium) The Proline GNSS Guard protects connected systems against time jumps and reduced time accuracy caused by intentional, or unintentional, spoofing or jamming.

System description The system is built according to the principle that if the system has no reception of external time signals, the risk of external interference is non-existent. Therefore, the GPS receiver is switched on only for very short periods and in between an ultra-stable oscillator is used as the time base. The GPS receiver is switched on for two short intervals per day. When the receiver is connected, the received time is checked from several aspects such as time deviation, short and long-term drift, and precision. If all criteria are met, the time is accepted and used for correction of the oscillator and for distribution to the various users. If the time for any reason does not meet the requirements, the receiver is disconnected, and an alarm is created. PROLINE GPS FIREWALL We reserve the right to change this specification at any time

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